by George Gimarc

With roots going back to their post-High School days in 1972, the Pengwins have consistently released power pop classics and managed to stay together in one way or another, right through to 2022. That’s quite a legacy.

Like most groups, they’ve had several changes in membership, but at the heart of it all has been the remarkable craftsmanship of Lannie Flowers and Danny Wilkerson. In recent times, Lanny has really risen to new heights with many solo records that get my hearty recommendation and are available on vinyl as well, and bandmate Danny Wilkerson’s LP is simply sublime. Together, they are a potent musical force like having our own DFW McCartney-Lennon. 

This 2014 single “It’s Christmas Time” reminds me a bit of XTC or Squeeze, so it’s right in my sweet spot of pop but it’s also a really catchy tune that will surely serve to scrub Mariah Carey out of your noggin at this time of year. 

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