By George Gimarc

Teddy & The Tall Tops were one of those bands that I loved to see down in Deep Ellum back in the early ‘80s. Ted Roddy led the quartet which also included Jim Heath on guitar, Phil Bennison on bass & bongos, and Jas Sephens on drums. This single hit the shops in time for Christmas of 1983. Rockabilly was the thing and DFW had been rockin’ that way since the days of the Big D Jamboree, Johnny Carroll and Groovy Joe Poovey in the ‘50s. That Jim Heath fellow would eventually set out on his own in 1986, and is still blazing away as the Reverend Horton Heat. He’s in the basket-o-heads on the far right, next to Ted.

On the old R&R Alternative you could always count on me to spin this one every year for the next decade. I highly recommend it for your Christmas playlist.

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