By Bellicose Bullfeather

For East Dallasites who may be musically-inclined, the name Zounds Sounds is likely a known entity, though its exact nature may be somewhat enigmatic. Could it be a boutique for vinyl enthusiasts, a haven for artists to record, or perhaps a music label? The answer is a resounding affirmative to all.

How it all started

The real genesis of Zounds Sounds School of Music, however, can be traced back to its creator, Marc Solomon. In the summer of 2004, Solomon embarked on a journey, cycling through East Dallas with a dual mission: to innovate music education within his community and to fulfill his financial obligations. His philosophy was fueled by the conviction that musical instruction should be imparted with as much passion as the enthusiasm of the learners themselves.

By 2005, Zounds Sounds officially came to life. And because of its soaring success, in January 2006, the school found its first official location on Haskell Avenue. Along the way, Zounds Sounds has gathered an exceptional faculty of some of Dallas’ finest musicians, including talented artists like Chris Holt, Chad Stockslager, Trey Johnson, Kinley Wolfe, and Bryan Wakeland, just to name a few.

The Curnow family

In the midst of hiring this incredible faculty, Zounds Sounds found an absolute game-changer: Amy Curnow. Amy, a lifelong musician from a musical family, joined the team and brought a whole new perspective. With a master’s in music, she became known for helping her students find their voice, both literally and figuratively. Her passion perfectly aligned with the very foundation that Marc had built this business on.


In that wave of hiring faculty, one teacher would join Zounds Sounds that would change everything. Amy Curnow is a lifelong musician from a very musical family, with a master’s in music. She is known for helping her students find their voice, both figuratively and literally which is the very foundation that Marc had built the business on.

The two started their relationship working side by side as teachers at Zounds, later forming a band called Charming Gardeners, eventually falling in love, and starting their own family. In addition to their wonderful Zounds family their relationship added a creative and warm environment that personifies the Mom and Pop shop.

Many who experienced Zounds Sounds – whether teacher, student or collaborator – have said that their time there was life changing. People found their voice between those walls, they realized that their opinions mattered, they were heard and respected. It was a place where being who they wanted to be… was paramount. Many of the faculty, who admittedly did not seek out to be music teachers, found a reaffirming love of music and a remembrance of how they caught the music bug it in the first place. Ask anyone, they’ll have a story.

Giving Back 

It was also in those first years of Zounds that Marc noticed many people were priced out of music lessons and in 2009 he spearheaded a non-profit benefiting music education called Way Into Music, a public charity dedicated to providing quality music instruction and musical instruments to students regardless of their ability to pay.

The Zounds Sounds 18th anniversary concert will be held at he Granada Theatre on Greenville Ave in Dallas, Tuesday, November 21st. Doors open at 4:30 PM, show starts at 5 PM.

Tickets available here through Prekindle


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