Randy C. Moore is no newcomer to the music business. His career started at the age of 15. Not only is he an enigmatic performer, but also a talented songwriter. With his new CD release, Luckenbach, you’re sure to find whatever style of music you gravitate toward.

The first song, which is the title track, embodies the state of mind that Luckenbach, Texas is all about. “We spent too many ticktocks working the time clock, dead on our feet. And too many nights going to bed and just going to sleep….” This toe-tapper makes you want to get up and dance.

“James Dean Dream” has a great message about living your life based on a truth you believe. It’s not about breaking laws and being a bad guy, but being true to your authentic self.

The third track, “A Mother’s Prayer,” is a heartfelt tribute to the beautiful spirit of mothers and the lifelong bond with their children.

Randy’s Uncle Gene went to Hughes High School in Memphis in 1953 with Elvis Presley. “Before Elvis” is the heart and soul of rockabilly.

In the same rockabilly vein infused with a dose of soul, “Big Bertha” co-written with the late and great Carl Lee Perkins is about a golf club. It will get you on your feet!

“I’ll Save A Place” is a heartfelt and moving story about two brothers and their unbreakable bond. The instrumental arrangement on this one is as rich as decadent chocolate with full strings and piano. Have a tissue handy when you listen.

“Mosey Off” is a fun song about dying. Oh, wait! Dying is supposed to be sad and morbid. Not the case with this tune.

With a bit of sarcasm, “Undertaker” is a rocking tune about the man who claims the body after the soul is gone.

The album closes with a spiritual tune, “Jericho.” What are you going to do when the walls of Jericho tumble? “Are you gonna roll? Are you gonna run…?”

I cannot say enough about this album. Each song is fantastic. The songwriting is superb, the instrumental arrangements are varied and the vocals are smooth and spot-on. It’s a journey from beginning to end.

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