This summer, Pantera announced that they will be touring in 2023, with Zakk Wylde filling the shoes of his close friend Darrell Abbott, and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante performing the work of Vinnie Paul on drums. Founding Pantera bassist and 1994 Texas Tornado Rex Brown returns, along with vocalist Phil Anselmo. There has been a mixed reaction across the web about this tour, with many eager to see this lineup perform Pantera classics, and those who are opposed to the sight and sounds of a band missing its heart and soul in the Abbott brothers.

Buddy has covered Pantera since their inception (we even gave Dime the “Dean From Hell” as winner of a Buddy sponsored guitar contest in 1981), and the general consensus among staffers is that Dime in particular would love to see his music and legacy continue. But it is all speculation from either side. Overall, this tour will help Pantera’s music stay alive for generations to come, and will expose them to a new audience. Everyone knows that Zakk and Charlie are not “replacements” for the irreplaceable Dime and Vinnie. By all accounts, they come into Pantera with the utmost respect, and as friends of Pantera from its earliest days. Whether it is actually a “tribute” or not, we think Dime would be pleased, especially with this lineup, and we wish them all complete success.

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