In our return Fall 2022 print issue, which will be available in selected clubs, music stores, and other fine establishments all over North Texas, we return to honoring some of the best musicians in Texas with the induction of 13 new Buddy TexasTornados. The Texas Tornado “hall of fame” was initiated in 1978 by Buddy publisher Stoney Burns and editor Kirby Warnock. The inaugural class of inductees were Jimmie Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, Rocky Athas, Eric Johnson, John Nitzinger and Bugs Henderson, foreshadowing a massive wave of worldwide recognition for these players in the years to come. In the 44 years since the Texas Tornado recognition began, over 500 musicians have been inducted. We proudly resume that tradition with 13 well-deserving guitarists and bassists. Check out their profiles, and more importantly, go check them out live and online – they represent some of the best playing and musicianship that Texas has to offer.

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