Gemstone Sapphire Combo Amp

Gemstone Amps LLC and Port Noise Marketing have teamed up to unveil their latest offering, the Sapphire, at the Dallas International Guitar Show on May 7, 2023. The Sapphire is a cathode-biased 1-12 combo amplifier that delivers 25 watts of power with a 6v6 power source.

With two distinct channels, the Sapphire features US and UK voicing and a Master Volume and Three-Way Gain switch, allowing guitarists to cover a wide range of genres, from jazz to rock. The custom cabinet is designed to offer enough volume for live performances while remaining quiet enough for studio recording.

Gemstone Sapphire Combo Amp

The Sapphire is available in two colors, Western Tuxedo and Red Tuxedo, and has a list price of $1,899. Interested buyers can purchase the Sapphire on the Gemstone Amps website at

Gemstone Amps LLC is a player-grade amplifier company founded in 2021 by James Jiskra, a veteran of the music industry with 45 years of experience on and off the stage. Jiskra has deep roots in both retail and publishing.

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