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Blacktop Mojo is a rock band from Palestine, Texas, that was founded by Matt James and Nathan Gillis in 2012. The band consists of lead vocalist Matt James, drummer Nathan Gillis, rhythm guitarist Chuck Wepfer, bassist Matt Curtis and lead guitarist Malcolm Booher.

“When we started out, we all moved into a house together so we could have plenty of time to write and practice,” said Matt James, who writes most of the group’s songs. “I’m the least talented of the band, but I’m surrounded by great musicians.”

The group pounds out some hard Southern rock mixed with shades of metal. With the help of producer Philip Mosley, they managed to conjure a sound that’s akin to both Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nirvana at the same time, with a little Disturbed thrown in for good measure. They also offer up unique covers of “My Girl” and other well-known songs made popular by others.

They have released four studio albums: I Am (2014), Burn the Ships (2017), Under the Sun (2019), Blacktop Mojo (2021).

Currently the band is on the Emerald Cities Tour with Nonpoint and Sumo Cyco with these upcoming dates: March 22nd – Tulsa, OK @ Vanguard, March 24th – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live. March 25th – Dallas, TX @ Trees. March 26th – San Antonio, TX @ Rock Box.

In 2024 the boys will release their fifth album and take the fun on a European tour. You can find all of their tunes on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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