Born and raised in the three-states border town of Atlanta in NETX; grew up in the offices of the local newspaper where my mother worked. My first articles were published at the age of 12. I have since worked in radio, print media, and hosted my own cable-television interview show on KAQC. My specialty has turned out to be personal profile feature stories, and photography. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to meet and interview such notables as Don Henley, Jackson Browne, Artimus Pyle and Dolly Parton, as well as many others.

The ALL THINGS METAL Festival has been scheduled for May 20, 2023, at The Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas. For tickets and more information visit


WITHERFALL are unstoppable! The dark melodic heavy metal juggernaut from Los Angeles are blazing new trails and weaving new tales on spectacular new album, Curse of Autumn. Although two years separate WITHERFALL’s third opus from their celebrated A Prelude to Sorrow album, it feels like a long time. Even with the Vintage EP bridging the gap, the wait has been cruel. 

PISSING RAZORS is an American groove-based heavy metal band formed in 1994 in El Paso, Texas by founding member and tenured drummer Eddy Garcia with guitarist Mat Lynch. The sole purpose was to incite a musical tone loud and aggressive in ferocity and heavy in punk and metal elements. 

Edge of Insanity is a metal band from Dallas, Texas with roots in doom metal and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Edge of Insanity has been described as as a modern take on classic bands like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Saxon, and Motorhead, among others, and their influences range across over 70 years of American and European rock and metal. 

We are ASTYANAX, five musicians united by a love for heavy, groovy death metal. Blending a deep-rooted  foundation in the “old school” with influence from contemporary brutal death metal, we aim to create a  uniquely gory atmosphere both on record and on stage.  

Texas-based symphonic metal band Epic Death live up to their name in more ways than one: with an imposing musical pedigree and decades of combined experience in multiple bands across several genres, they weave a tapestry of sinister sonic atmospheres, bringing together the imagery, theatricality, and brute force of classic black metal, thrash and technical death metal.

 There’s a new brew in the cauldron of Heavy Metal. Under a Spell is an elixir of all that is Heavy Metal; past, present, and future.  With an angelically powerful front woman, thunderous drums, buttery sweet bass, and a full on guitar tonal assault .

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