The Deep Ellum 100 Foundation has produced and released Sounds Of Deep Ellum 2, an exciting new compilation featuring ten Deep Ellum bands and artists. The album project is a sequel to the 1987 release of the same name, which featured local artists who performed frequently in the area.

Thirty-five years ago, The Sounds of Deep Ellum was the first release for many of its featured artists, and was a spark that propelled some of those acts to international success. Reverend Horton Heat, DDT, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, The Buck Pets, and others, got their start on the first project.

The offical new album release party is scheduled for July 29 at House of Blues Dallas, from 7-10 PM. Listed below is a brief summary for all ten artists on the album, along with their Sound of Deep Ellum 2 Soundcloud track, and other videos.

Listen to these artists in Buddy’s Deep Ellum 100 playlist here:

Lorelei K

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Lorelei K is a band renowned for their captivating avant-garde compositions and mesmerizing vocals. Their atmospheric sound draws inspiration from the rich legacy of European electronic music, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of the genre towards an exciting future. Dahlia Knowles, the powerful vocalist, skillfully juxtaposes her commanding performances against a backdrop of dark, synthetic elements, creating an eerie yet inviting embrace of the unknown.

Knowles says, ““We fall somewhere in the avant-garde, post-punk, dream pop world with arresting vocals and atmospheric high production songs. This music helps me channel all of my feelings and emotions and it’s a feeling that can’t be described in any other way.” 

Maya Piata

Maya Piata possesses an angelic voice that resonates with brilliance and glory, living up to her name as a performing and recording musician. Starting in the clubs of Deep Ellum, this New Orleans native has now established herself in Dallas, securing a permanent residency at The Free Man where her group regularly mesmerizes audiences. Being featured in The Sounds of Deep Ellum showcases the undeniable vocal talents of this talented young artist.

Maya’s music is a fusion of indie folk and dream pop molded by her unique background and characterized by delicate melodies and introspective lyrics. She describes her sound as “Sunshine Soul”, mirroring her bubbly personality and endless list of musical influences, ranging from Ms. Lauryn Hill to Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder to Prince, from Sam Cooke to Michael Jackson and beyond. 

Cure For Paranoia

Cure For Paranoia is a dynamic soul-infused hip-hop collective that crosses a contagious energy with thought-provoking lyrics. Their sound combines elements of rap, soul, and funk, resulting in a high-octane fusion that keeps audiences on their feet. Once the new face of the storied Dallas neighborhood, they are now taking Deep Ellum worldwide.

The musicians that make up Cure for Paranoia have their own bold energy – between Tomahawk Jonez’s and JayAnalog’s production, and Cameron McCloud’s brisk lyrical delivery, the band has designed its own brand of “trippy soul-infused hip-hop.” Cure for Paranoia was awarded Dallas Observer’s Best New Act in 2016 and Best Group Act in 2017.

Memory Shivers

Memory Shivers stands as the pinnacle of surf, shoe-gaze, and psychedelic rock in Dallas. Spearheaded by Eric Martin, former Hi-Fi Drowning singer and songwriter, this project effortlessly earns critical acclaim for its originality and creativity. Featuring a lineup of esteemed local musicians, including Guyton Sanders, Tom Maccaulay, Poppy Xander, and Marshall Read, the band’s live performances achieve sonic perfection, leaving no musical detail unattended. Setting themselves apart, they incorporate striking video and light projections. Undeniably significant, Memory Shivers anchors the Sounds of Deep Ellum live album project, solidifying their importance within the Dallas music scene.

Stone Mecca

Stone Mecca is a true artist in every sense. Born in New Orleans, he honed his craft on the stages of rock clubs in Los Angeles during his early years. Eventually, he found himself drawn to the vibrant music scene in Dallas, where he set out to immerse himself in its rich musical tapestry. His musical style is a captivating amalgamation of rock, blues, R&B, and a multitude of other genres, seamlessly blending influences from the past with his own audacious and forward-thinking creations. Stone Mecca pays homage to his roots while fearlessly pushing the boundaries of his artistry, propelling it into the future with bombastic flair.

Flower Child

Flower Child, also known as Flozilla, is a dynamic and rapid lyricist who made her debut in 2014 in Deep Ellum. Inspired by vibration and frequency, this hip-hop artist strives to infuse positivity into her music and uplift the world with her vibrant spirit. Notable performances in Deep Ellum include The Nines and Trees.

Flower Child says, “I create music that is uplifting and positive for humanity, and have been actively performing in the community over the past five years. I’d like for my musical gifts to open more doors to make way for me to be a professional musician.”

Skinny Cooks

Skinny Cooks is an extraordinary fusion of soul, alternative R&B, and fusion genres, brought to life by Nigel Newton and Brianne Sargent. The group originated in Dallas, Texas when Newton embarked on his artistic journey. With a captivating blend of vibraphone and cello, Skinny Cooks pushes boundaries, defying the norms of jazz, funk, rock, R&B, and gospel. Their prolific creativity has yielded over 100 genre-bending songs that showcase their unique musical chemistry.

Children of Indigo

Children of Indigo, founded by Jo Indigo in 2014, began as a collective of street musicians captivating audiences in Deep Ellum. From the sidewalks, they transitioned to mainstream clubs, where their unique sound flourished. With a lineup of eight talented musicians, each showcasing their distinct musical prowess, the band’s evolving sound continues to captivate and expand.

Labretta Suede and the Motel 6

Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 is a high-octane rock ‘n’ roll band that exudes raw energy and vintage style. Formed in 2005 in Auckland, New Zealand and relocated to Dallas in 2020, the band brings back the true essence of roots based rock n roll, punk and rockabilly blues.

Fronted by bad girl tease Labretta Suede, with her sexy gritty performances, full frontal outfits and irresistible, irreverent, deep rich vocals that simply undress and unleash you. Johnny Moondog makes you completely unhinged with his wild tone, crazed reverb and mind bending psychedelic distortion and sneer. These two unruly and insatiable founding members are the essence behind this world-traveled jungle of juju strange.

Labretta and Johnny are backed by various ryhthym sections: In the US, Max Speed on bass and Capt. Gerry on drums join them on stage in New York; Texans Marco Villalobos on bass and Clint Phillips on drums join them for shows in the southern states. In New Zealand the lineup is complete with Tweedy Bird (Syl Porizakova) on bass and The Prosecutor ( Stuart Kett) on Drums.

Ducado Vega

Ducado Vega is a multifaceted artist, boasting a remarkable career that spans over three decades. Throughout his journey, he has made significant contributions to the vibrant music scene of Deep Ellum. Vega’s live performances are characterized by his dynamic stage presence, electrifying guitar solos, and an unwavering commitment to giving it his all. His approach to music is marked by an intense “all or nothing” attitude, where he pours his heart and soul into every note. Beyond his own artistry, Vega is a fervent advocate for local artists, regularly featuring Dallas musicians on his radio show for Deep Ellum Radio. As a DJ and interviewer, he not only spins captivating tunes but also amplifies the voices of fellow musicians, showcasing their talents and fostering a sense of community within the industry.

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