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This is the first in a series of profiles of Deep Ellum 100 featured artists. The Lorelei K song “Blue Part Four” is featured on the Deep Ellum 100 compilation album.

Denton native Dahlia Knowles has been writing poetry for most of her life. She and her band, Lorelei K, have transformed her poetry into musical magic. Her dreamy vocals float on a mystical synth-heavy river, creating a unique avant-garde indie-pop sound reminiscent of 1980’s era Sade, sprinkled with a Billie Eilish vibe.

“I’m inspired by writing poetry and then setting those words to songs – bringing the songs to my band then turning them into massive, atmospheric dream pop,” said Dahlia. “We’re focusing on touring opportunities right now and looking for connections in licensing and sync. I think our music would fit well in a score for a film or featured in a tv show. I see the music going really far – I believe in it, I believe others can relate to it.”

The band is made up of Dahlia, Mills Chaiken on guitar, Rex Davis on bass, Michael Briggs on synth and backing vocals, and Dean Adams on drums. The group is releasing their third album “Gucci Doom” on the Idol Records label next month.

They frequently play Three Links, Trees and Double-Wide in Deep Ellum. On July 8, 2023, they will perform at the “Gucci Doom” album release show at the Kessler Theatre. Buy Tickets Now

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